Leggi più di 100 anni di Fulda, German High Technology

2010 Launch of Fulda Kristall Control HP

Fulda introduces the new Fulda Winter High-Performance tire evaluated in the toughest of environments, the Yukon - Canada.

Like the Kristall Montero 3, the Kristall Control HP does also take advantage of the Snow Catcher Technology. 

To find more information on Kristall Control HP, please visit the product page or click on this link: Kristall Control HP


2009 Launch of Fulda Kristall Montero 3

Fulda combines state-of-the-art technologies to now make a top-quality product even better; the new Fulda Montero 3 winter tire.

Part of Kristall Montero 3’s impressive performance attributes can be accredited to the all-new Snow Catcher Technology. This technology utilises the natural rolling compression of the tire together with a new tread design; trapping snow within the tread footprint to enable better grip on snow covered roads. 

Such notable improvements in the areas of snow handling, snow traction, ice traction, mileage and rolling resistance are set to continue the numerous test win award tradition with Kristall Montero 3.

Visit the Kristall Montero 3 page to find further details of this car tire or click on this link: Kristall Montero 3 


2007 Launch of Fulda EcoControl

The Fulda EcoControl features short braking distances, excellent mileage and fuel saving, being therefore, the perfect illustration of Fulda's new value for money positioning and the ideal choice for smart buyers.


Fulda introduces Carat Progresso

Fulda, the German quality tyre manufacturer, has launched Carat Progresso, a new high performance summer tyre fitting most of today's popular mid and top range cars. The Fulda Carat Progresso offers outstanding all-round performance, but excels particularly in two of the most critical situations on wet roads: "braking" and "aquaplaning". The Progresso has achieved a "recommended" rating by German car magazine "Auto Motor und Sport".


Fulda celebra il 100° anniversario

Fulda celebra i suoi 100 anni di storia con una grande festa.