Smart buyers choose Fulda

Exceptional value for money from a trusted German tire brand. Fulda tires are the only tires for the smart buyer.

German heritage and quality

Founded in the city of Fulda, Germany, we have been making high quality tires since 1906. Today, Fulda is one the most popular tire brands amongst German drivers. Over more than a century of tire design, our focus has remained the same: combining high quality with great value.

We design each tire to deliver balanced results across all important performance criteria – from handling and braking, to fuel efficiency and mileage. That way, you benefit from all-round performance in the areas that matter most.

Move smart, go further: Our Fulda philosophy

Our Smart Move concept forms the basis for the latest additions to the Fulda family.

Independently endorsed

We’re proud of the tires we produce. Tests from leading consumer organizations and car magazines consistently recognize the quality of Fulda tires.

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