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4x4 Road

A reliable SUV tire that offers quiet comfort and extra grip

The Fulda 4x4 Road is built to offer today’s SUV driver a quiet, comfortable ride at a price that makes sense. It’s a durable tire that delivers extra grip when you need it most.

  • Shorter braking in the wet
  • Quiet, comfortable ride
  • Improved damage resistance
  • Summer
  • On road
  • Fulda 4x4 Road
  • Fulda 4x4 Road

Key Benefits

  • Shorter braking in the wet

    Shorter braking in the wet

    Benefit from shorter braking distances on rainy days. The 4x4 Road features an advanced silica compound that is optimized to provide high levels of grip, especially in wet conditions.

  • Quiet, comfortable ride

    Quiet, comfortable ride

    Enjoy every journey in your SUV, thanks to a tire designed to let you drive in peace and quiet. The 4x4 Road’s tread block arrangement reduces overall tire noise.

  • Improved damage resistance

    Improved damage resistance

    With its high-performance carcass construction, the 4x4 Road is more resistant to the knocks and impacts that can typically damage tires.

  • Smart buyers choose Fulda

    Exceptional value for money from a trusted German tire brand. Fulda tires are the only tires for the smart buyer.

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