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EcoControl HP

The perfect balance of performance, fuel efficiency and mileage

The EcoControl HP gives you high performance handling and high mileage – without the high price tag. This fuel-efficient tire delivers superb braking ability on wet and dry roads.

  • Shorter dry braking
  • Shorter wet braking
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • High mileage
  • Balanced performance
  • Summer
  • Fulda EcoControl HP
  • Fulda EcoControl HP
  • Fulda EcoControl HP

Independent tests and reviews

  • Fulda EcoControl HP - Recommended - ACE - 2015
  • Fulda EcoControl HP - Recommended - ARBÖ - 2015
  • Fulda EcoControl HP - Recommended - ÖAMTC - 2012
  • Fulda EcoControl HP - Recommended - Best in price - performance ratio - ACE - 2012
  • EcoControl HP - TÜV SÜD - 2011

Key Benefits

  • Shorter dry braking

    Shorter dry braking

    Enjoy confident control when it matters most. The EcoControl HP increases road contact under braking force, for dry braking that’s 3 meters shorter than competitors’ tires*.

  • Shorter wet braking

    Shorter wet braking

    Braking distances in the wet are up to 2.9 meters shorter,* thanks to a full silica compound and biting edges that cut through the water layer beneath the contact patch. AquaFlow grooves quickly disperse water in heavy rain conditions.

  • Lower fuel consumption

    Lower fuel consumption

    Lower your fuel costs and CO2 emissions. With its high performance construction and EcoTread design, the EcoControl HP needs less energy to roll. In independent tests, the EcoControl HP delivered 9% lower rolling resistance than competitors’ tires.*

  • High mileage

    High mileage

    Benefit from long lasting performance. Hardwearing compounds and a harmonized poly-rib distribution ensure slow and even wear, giving you more mileage for your money.

  • Drive with peace of mind

    Drive with peace of mind

    The EcoControl HP is the ideal all-rounder for high performance vehicles. It delivers better overall results in wet handling, braking and fuel efficiency when compared to the average performance of competitor tires tested.*

*Tested against 3 direct mid-range competitors in September-October 2011 by TÜV SÜD Automotive in Garching (Germany) & Mireval (France); size 205/55R16 91V; Golf VI 1.6 TDI & 2.0 GTD; Report 76247020. Depending on the type of road and driving style, rolling resistance contributes up to 20% of a car’s fuel consumption (ETRMA).

  • EcoControl HP

    Watch the video to see why choosing the EcoControl HP is a Smart Move.
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    • Control Confident handling on wet and dry
    • Quality German engineering and expertise
    • Economy Fuel efficient tires that save you money

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  • Wet Grip B B C C

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