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Fulda technology

Shorter dry braking

Engineered tread designs maximise road contact for improved handling, while selected tires in our range are optimised to increase road under braking force, resulting in shorter stopping distances on dry road surfaces.

Resistance to aquaplaning

Directional tread designs combined with Fulda’s unique Aquaflow groove pattern ensure quick dispersion of water from underneath the tire in heavy rain conditions.

Precise handling

Stable center ribs and solid shoulder blocks work together to promote precise handling. Our high performance tires use Progressive Hump Technology in the tire tread to distribute pressure evenly across the contact patch. The result is better handling at motorway speeds, with precise cornering control.

Lower fuel consumption

Our tires use an optimised carcass construction and tread designs to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel consumption. The Ecotread tread pattern on our EcoControl and EcoControl HP models takes this concept even further with a focus on fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

High mileage

Our tires use hard-wearing compounds, flatter contours and optimised tread patterns to ensure slow and even wear for longer tire life and high mileage potential.

Low noise

Optimized tread block arrangements and a flatter tire contour reduce internal and external noise emissions for a quieter, more comfortable drive.

Reliable winter performance

Our winter tires are equipped with special technologies to see you through harsh weather conditions. Fulda SnowCatcher technology – used on our Kristall Control HP and Kristall Montero 3 tires - features center grooves that tire work together to form an interlocking network that catches the snow as you drive, to keep you moving even in severe snow.
Meanwhile optimized carcass constructions and special winter tread compounds give reliable traction and improved performance on winter roads.

Resistance to damage

Our SUV and 4x4 tires use a high-performance carcass construction to help protect against the knocks and impacts that can typically damage tires.