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Other performance criteria

With the new EU ratings, it’s now easier to compare tyres in terms of wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise. But there are additional criteria that should be considered when buying new tyres. Important factors include

  • wet handling
  • dry handling
  • dry braking
  • cornering grip
  • durability
  • internal noise
  • aquaplaning resistance

Winter tyres have specific performance factors that are not rated by the EU tyre label, such as ice traction, snow traction and cold-weather grip.

Sources for independent advice

The following are good sources for independent information regarding performance factors that are not addressed by the EU tyre label.

  1. Test results from auto clubs and publications
    Automotive organisations and publications conduct independent tire tests each year. Tyres are analysed against an average of 15 key performance criteria, including most of those outlined above.
  2. Your tyre dealer
    A tyre dealer is best positioned to recommend the ideal tyre for your needs. Be sure to describe your driving behavior, vehicle and seasonal requirements.