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The long-lasting summer tyre that saves on fuel costs

The EcoControl combines great value with reliable performance. Along with superb fuel efficiency and high mileage, it delivers the stopping power you need in rainy conditions.

  • Better braking in the wet
  • Lower fuel costs
  • High mileage
  • Drive with peace of mind
  • Summer
  • Fulda EcoControl
  • Fulda EcoControl

Independent tests and reviews

  • Fulda EcoControl - Recommended - ÖAMTC - 2012
  • Fulda EcoControl - Recommended - ÖAMTC - 2011
  • Fulda EcoControl - Satisfying - ADAC motorwelt - 2011
  • Fulda EcoControl - Recommended - ACE - 2009
  • Fulda EcoControl - Good - Auto Bild - 2008
  • Fulda EcoControl - Particularly recommended - ACE Auto Club Europa - 2008

Key Benefits

  • Better braking in the wet

    Better braking in the wet

    The special silica compound is optimised for high levels of wet grip, which means shorter braking distances in rainy weather. With an asymmetric design that maximises road contact, you’ll experience reliable performance on dry roads too.

  • Lower fuel costs

    Lower fuel costs

    Save money with every journey. The Fulda EcoControl uses an innovative silica compound that reduces the tyre’s rolling resistance – lowering your car’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • High mileage

    High mileage

    The EcoControl wears evenly over time, thanks to a flatter contour and increased tread width. As a result it lasts for longer, giving you more mileage between tyre changes.

  • Drive with peace of mind

    Drive with peace of mind

    Enjoy a quieter, more comfortable drive. The EcoControl’s optimised block arrangement reduces noise emissions.

  • Smart Move

    Make a smart move today with the newest generation of Fulda tires. Each one is designed around three key pillars.

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    • Control Confident handling on wet and dry
    • Quality German engineering and expertise
    • Economy Fuel efficient tires that save you money

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