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Clever Driving

Clever driving

At Fulda our culture of technological innovation extends not only to the products that carry our name but also to our emphasis on road safety.

Not just smart products – clever driving too.

We’ve introduced two important initiatives to raise awareness of proper tyre maintenance and inspection:

  • Fulda Laser Check – Measure your tyres’ tread depth accurately using our laser tool
  • Fulda Pressure Check – Check your tyres’ pressure without touching the valve


Check your tyre tread depths in seconds with the Fulda Laser Check.

What is Laser Check?

Laser Check is a Fulda initiative which enables drivers to have the depth of their tyres’ remaining tread accurately measured during special safety events.

A major success since their introduction, Fulda Laser Check road safety events are now held across Europe as well as in Brazil, the USA and Canada.

Our Laser Check technicians use a special tool with a laser beam attached to the head to measure a tyre’s tread depth by scanning over its tread profile.

The profilometer tool has a measuring range of between 0.0 mm and 11.0 mm, with most accurate measurements in the critical profile height range of up to 4 mm.

Our partners in Germany, the highly respected Automobilclub von Deutschland (German Automobile Association – AvD) have supported Fulda Laser Check as an important road safety initiative for several years.

Insufficient tread depth: The dangers

Laser Check draws drivers’ attention to the wear rate of their tyres, and to the dangers associated with insufficient tread depth, such as increased risk of aquaplaning and shorter braking distances on wet roads.

Sufficient tread depth is often misjudged by drivers and while EU legislation permits tyres with a remaining tread depth not less than 1.6mm, drivers are advised to replace tyres with a tread depth of less than 3mm (4mm for winter tyres).

Awards for Laser Check

We take road safety seriously, and the Laser Check programme has received awards in Germany, Europe and worldwide. They include:

  • Goldene Brücke - awarded by the German Public Relations Association
  • Goldene Pyramide - awarded by the Association of German Sales Promoters and Sales Trainers
  • European Silver Award - awarded by the Promoter’s Associations
  • European Gold Award - awarded by the European Promotion Trade Journals
  • World PRO Award - the highest award worldwide for successful sales promotion
  • One PS for safety
  • Deutscher Verkehrssichheitspreis - German Road Safety Award in gold


Check your tyre pressure without touching the valve

What is Pressure Check?

Pressure Check is the world’s first mobile "touchless" tyre pressure checking system, which delivers a precise measurement of a tyre’s inflation without you having to touch the valve.

To measure tyre pressure, a car simply drives over the test plates at walking speed, and the Pressure Check system will take care of the rest.

The system works regardless of the model or dimension of the vehicle and the type of tyres it uses, by collecting data from hundreds of individual sensors in the contact patch.

These measure the tyre’s degree of hardness, deformation and other factors, which are then converted by a software programme into a pressure reading.

Insufficient tyre pressure: The dangers

Failing to keep tyres inflated to the correct pressure can result in premature wear, increasing the risk of tyre failure and reducing handling ability.

Despite this, research shows that more than 1 in 3 motorists drive without having their tyres properly inflated.

The Fulda Pressure Check programme aims to highlight the dangers of poor tyre inflation.