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In 1921 we introduce the Fulda Riesenkissenreifen (large cushion tyre), with patented technology offering increased ability to absorb impacts from road obstacles, meaning trucks can now reach a much higher average speed. It becomes the leading truck tyre in Europe, with other tyre makers including Continental and Dunlop producing tyres using the same technology under license.

This is followed in 1925 by the Fulda Parabel truck tyre, a full rubber tyre with an interior air chamber which is the world’s first ‘constant pressure’ truck tyre.

Meanwhile this era is also seen as the golden age for Fulda bicycle tyres, as they become the tyre of choice for cycling enthusiasts in Germany.

In 1929 we make the jump from solid rubber tyres to inflatable pneumatic tyres, our first model being the Fulda Elastic truck tyre.

Within a short time all Fulda production tyres are pneumatic tyres.