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Conveo Trac 3

A durable, high mileage light truck tire delivering excellent winter performance

  • Increased stability of heavy loaded vehicles on dry road
  • Excellent control on snow
  • Optimal wet-handling & aquaplaning
  • Improved mileage
  • Winter
  • Fulda Conveo Trac 3
  • Fulda Conveo Trac 3

Key Benefits

  • 3D Interconnector

    Increased stability of heavy loaded vehicles on dry road

    3D Interconnector. Interlocking of block segments to increase cornering forces.

  • Snow Catcher Technology

    Excellent control on snow

    Snow Catcher Technology. The center grooves of the tire work together to form an interlocking network that catches the snow as you drive.

  • V-Shaped Groove Design

    Optimal wet-handling & aquaplaning

    V-Shaped Groove Design. Aligned transversal grooves for enhanced water evacuation.

  • Block Fortifier

    Improved mileage

    Block Fortifier. Two-level humps between blocks lead to increased tread rigidity & therefor less abrasion.

  • Smart Move

    Make a smart move today with the newest generation of Fulda tires. Each one is designed around three key pillars.

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    • Control Confident handling on wet and dry
    • Quality German engineering and expertise
    • Economy Fuel efficient tires that save you money
  • Smart buyers choose Fulda

    Exceptional value for money from a trusted German tyre brand. Fulda tyres are the only tyres for the smart buyer.

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