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Why buy Fulda

Tyre tests

Tough on our tyres

Every new tyre developed under the Fulda name must undergo a rigorous process of testing before it is deemed ready for sale.

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Quality performance criteria

We go further

To ensure that every Fulda product meets the standards that our customers have come to expect, we use the 3/15/50 approach in testing new tyres that we design.

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Fulda technology

Smart thinking for the smart tyre choice

The latest generation of Fulda tyres combine control, quality and economy under a principle we call Smart Move, while our safety innovations help you drive smarter.

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The Fulda philosophy

The heart of the matter

We’ve been making great tyres for over 100 years. Find out the principles that have guided us on the way.

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EU tyre label

Similar to the energy label found on domestic appliances, the new EU tyre label makes it easy to evaluate important safety and environmental aspects of a tyre.

Discover the EU tyre label