The Fulda Challenge

Fulda Challenge: Embrace the elements

The Fulda Challenge is an extreme sporting event, combining driving skills and sporting endeavor. Athletes and celebrities flock to Yukon, Canada from all across Europe every winter to compete in temperatures of minus 40 degrees.

Together they race under the direction of race legend Hans-Joachim Stuck. The varied events and extreme temperatures provide a surreal and dangerous winter landscape that pushes competitors to their limits. Only the most complete athlete has a chance to win.

Not only are the extreme conditions an endurance battle for our competitors, but they're also the perfect test ground for our winter tyres.

The challenge

Each Fulda Challenge proposes new routes and new events, all exhibiting their own unique character. The harder and more spectacular, the better!

Past events have seen competitors race in SUV’s, buggies, quads and hovercrafts. They demonstrate their power and endurance during ski, ice climbing or kayaking contests, and prove their athletic competence during half-marathons, speed skating or mountain bike races in frozen temperatures.

Who's involved

The growing success of the Fulda Challenge is linked to the involvement of participants like ex-footballer Fredi Bobic, boxer Sven Ottke, former Olympic champion Lars Riedel, Paris-Dakar winner Jutta Kleinschmidt, eight times gold medal winner Birgit Fischer and decathletes Frank Busemann (2008 winner) and Joey Kelly (2009 winner) - both previous winners of the Fulda Challenge.