Seasonal tyres

Being prepared for every season

There are driving hazards with every season. Preparing your car for each season can help you enjoy driving all year long, no matter what the weather.

Be prepared for all types of weather

If you’re going on a long journey, check your tyres before you leave. Make sure you have a healthy tread depth – this means at least the legal minimum of 1.6mm – and that your tyres are correctly inflated. Don’t forget to check your spare, too.

In some countries, it’s mandatory to keep first aid kits and warning triangles in your car at all times. It’s also important to carry an emergency kit with flares, a bottle of water, jumper cables, a blanket, a high-visibility vest, paper towels, a torch, an in-car mobile phone charger, and washer fluid. If you experience extreme cold or snow where you live, also bring some spare clothes and blankets. Your local automobile organisation can inform you of legal requirements for vehicle emergency kits in your area.

Driving in summer

Prepare for challenging weather

Summer weather can be rough, too. Heavy rains, fog, strong winds, and even extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes can all be part of the warmer months. Be ready to deal with skids, and learn about making steering corrections in strong winds.

Driving in winter

Drive safely and slow down

Leave extra time for each journey so you can drive more slowly on slippery roads or in bad weather. It’s important to give other vehicles plenty of room on the road, so don’t get too close to the vehicle in front of you. Even well maintained roads bring slippery snow and ice, so learn how to handle skids.