Fulda Philosophy

A century of excellence – a future of growth

At Fulda we’ve been making tyres for over 100 years, in the process becoming one of the most popular brands in the German market.

Today as part of the Goodyear group our tyres’ reputation for quality and value is reaching more and more drivers.

Behind such success lies an ethos that puts the customer first, every time.

We believe in quality

That’s why every Fulda tyre represents the culmination of over a century of German engineering excellence.

We believe in standards

That’s why we apply the 3/15/50 approach to every new tyre we design, a rigorous process of testing that ensures every Fulda tyre is fit for purpose.

We believe in value

That’s why Fulda high performance tyres come without the high price tag, and why our range of high-mileage, low fuel consumption economy tyres deliver longer tyre life and real savings at the pumps.

We believe in innovation

That’s why the history of the Fulda brand is a history of milestones, and why we continue to pioneer technological breakthroughs as part of the Goodyear group.

We believe in smart driving

That’s why road safety initiatives such as Laser Check and Pressure check play an important role in highlighting the necessity of proper tyre care and maintenance – for peace of mind on the road.

We believe in pushing the limits

That’s why we produce tyres for off-road adventure and why we created the annual Fulda Challenge endurance event in the Canadian Yukon wilderness.

We believe in our future

That’s why we’re bringing the quality and value of Fulda tyres into new markets, giving more and more drivers over Europe the Fulda smart choice.

We believe in going further

That’s why our tyres deliver a premium balance of performance, quality and economy and why our technicians, dealer associates and support staff are trusted by Fulda customers

We believe in you

That’s why we think all drivers deserve high performance without the premium price tag, and the confidence of being able to rely on their tyres at all times, in all conditions.

At Fulda, we go further.

Make a Smart Move - Come with us.