Conveo Trac 3

A durable, high mileage light truck tire delivering excellent winter performance

  • Increased stability of heavy loaded vehicles on dry road
  • Excellent control on snow
  • Optimal wet-handling & aquaplaning
  • Improved mileage

Snow Grip

Technical features might be available on selected sizes only, use our Tyre Finder to learn more.

Winter Conveo Trac 3

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EU Performance ratings

Conveo Trac 3
C-D Fuel efficiency
Fuel efficiency is a measure of the tyre's rolling resistance. A tyre with low rolling resistance is more fuel efficient since it requires less energy to roll.
C Wet Grip
Wet grip is a measure of tyre's braking ability on wet roads.
B External noise
The external noise generated by the tyre, measured in decibels.
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Why choose this tyre

Increased stability of heavy loaded vehicles on dry road

3D Interconnector. Interlocking of block segments to increase cornering forces.

Excellent control on snow

Snow Catcher Technology. The center grooves of the tire work together to form an interlocking network that catches the snow as you drive.

Optimal wet-handling & aquaplaning

V-Shaped Groove Design. Aligned transversal grooves for enhanced water evacuation.

Improved mileage

Block Fortifier. Two-level humps between blocks lead to increased tread rigidity & therefor less abrasion.

Conveo Trac 3