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EU tyre label – Overview

Similar to the energy label found on domestic appliances, the new EU tyre label makes it easy to evaluate important safety and environmental aspects of a tyre. Explore the links below to find out more.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency relates to the rolling resistance of the tyre. Fuel efficiency is rated from A (highest rating) to G (lowest rating).

Wet grip

Wet grip relates to the tyre’s braking ability on wet roads. This rating is divided into seven categories, from A (highest) to F (lowest).

External noise

The tyre’s external rolling noise is shown in decibels. The noise class of the tyre is indicated with black sound waves, from 1 (quiet) to 3 (loud).

Viewing tyre label information

The EU tyre label will be displayed as a sticker on all tyres from November 2012. All dealers are obliged to provide this information. You can also view EU ratings for each Fulda tyre on our website.

Label values shown are for illustrative purposes only. Values for a certain tyre line/size may vary.